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Spark Sport. Please configure. Sign in to Xtra Mail and learn the basics of Webmail. Sign in now Find out how to send, reply to, forward, and delete an email in Webmail. Sign in to Xtra Mail You can sign in at this web address. Sign in to Xtra Mail.

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If you forget your username you can go to MySpark, and this will take you to your Xtra Mail account. Sign in to MySpark If you forget your password you can follow these steps. Forgot my password Send an email Select the Compose icon. On a computer, it says Compose, and it's in the tool bar above the list of emails in your inbox. On a mobile, it looks like a square with a pencil in it, and it's in the bottom left corner. Type in the email address of the person you're wanting to email in the To field.

You can type in many email addresses into this field. Separate each email with a comma. Type in the subject of your email in the Subject field. Type your email content into the large white box under the subject field. Select Send.

1. Archive vs. Trash

Reply to an email Select the email you want to reply to. Select the Reply icon, which looks like an arrow pointing to the left. If you're replying to many recipients, select the Reply all icon. This icon looks like two arrows pointing to the left. Compose your email and select Send.

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Note: When replying to an email, some of the fields in the email are pre-filled: The sender and any CCd emails will be in the To field. The subject will already be in the subject field, but Re: will be at the start of the subject. The original email will be in the reply email. Compose your email in the space above this text. Forward an email Select the email you want to forward. If you're using your mobile, you'll first need to select the Edit icon in your inbox's header.

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It will be in the top right corner, and it will say Edit. Select the Forward icon, which looks like an arrow pointing to the right. On a mobile this will be at the bottom. Gmail allows you to organize your email under an unlimited number of labels and have them color-coded too. Gmail shares how to create, edit and delete labels here , and how to use filters here. It creates the task for you and you can add a due date for each item in this list, where Google gives you a link back to the specific email immediately.

Gmail turns 15: Here are 15 of its best features

Learn how to snooze an email here. For these, I set up a filter that will automatically forward those emails to Slack another communication tool we use in our office , which does send me push notifications. Most third-party software will allow you to add items by email — this includes CRMs, Messengers, and most productivity apps like Asana and Trello.

You can configure your Gmail to automatically forward those emails based on who they are coming from, where they are sent, or what words are in the subject or body.

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This is the easiest way to make sure that you receive notice when something important happens, without getting a push notification every time you get an email. Learn how to auto-forward emails to other accounts, here. We work with dozens of clients on any given month, and Nudging is a great way to keep track of our unanswered requests, so that we don't have to. Learn how to give yourself a Gmail Nudge here.

5 useful email expressions

Gmail explains how to use Boomerang here. Part of the heavy lifting of any email client is managing the flood of messages coming in and dealing with archives. You can create custom filters with complex sets of conditions to match and actions that occur that can be triggered as email comes in or run later.

The app also has its own spam-filtering algorithm. You can click to load images on messages you trust. A Focus view, for example, offers a variety of ways to slice and dice email. Topics are a powerful way to create your own cross-mailbox and cross-mail account organization of messages, similar to tags in the Finder. Postbox also lets you create Smart Folders that can span accounts and search messages stored online and locally.

I imported over 16, emails in two batches so quickly that I thought Postbox had skipped it. No, they were all there.

Searching across the messages is nearly instantaneous, too. The other critical part of an email program is, of course, composing messages from scratch or as replies. Postbox packs a lot into its writing environment.

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  6. It offers a straightforward compose window that includes typical formatting and attachment options, including robust support for HTML. But for those of you in fields that require sending tailored messages, either from scratch or as replies, Postbox includes what it calls Responses. These prefab fill-in messages mostly focus on sales, marketing, and hiring, and let you customize and extend them.

    You can also create your own. You can choose among pull quotes, bullet list styles, multi-column layouts, and tables, and then either add them to your personal list or customize them. As with Responses, you can create your own Clips, too.