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Just passing by your blog and though you'd like this site. I read over your blog, and i found it inquisitive, you may find My Blog interesting. Get any Desired College Degree, In less then 2 weeks. Post a Comment. That was fast. While reading the bio I posted earlier, Scott asked why I wanted to get a commercial license. Do I plan to try making money by flying gliders?

Jeremy Zawodny's blog

No, not really. Read the rest in my flying blog. Flying isn't something you learn how to do and then stop learning. Getting a license was just the second of many, many milestones. The first was my first solo flight. If I don't keep pushing myself, I'll stagnate, get bored, and not feel the sense of accomplishment that fuels a lot of my interest and enjoyment. Getting a commercial license involves learned more about the FAA rules and regulations, and knowing them in more detail.

It also means learning to fly more precisely. The flight test standards are more strict for a commercial license than they are for a private license. By getting g a commercial license, I'll be pushing myself to do more and do better. Yes, I'll be able to fly rides for money and that sort of thing, but I don't expect to do that much if at all. It really depends on whether or not HGC would need me to do fly for them. There are a fair number of pilots with commercial licenses who fly rides already. The one the next stepping stones, a much bigger one in my mind, is becoming a flight instructor.

But that's a ways off and I'll write about it more later. In the meantime, I'm going to start working on my power license and my bronze badge. I hope to begin flying cross country this year. More milestones, both in gliders and in power. One of the many details of writing a book is that the publisher wants a few paragraphs of biographical material that can be used in the book itself, promoting the book , and so on. I've spent far too long on this already. For some reason it's a real challenge to write about myself in the third person, no less and do so concisely without sounding stupid or full of myself.

Here's my current working version. Comments are appreciated unless you plan to bash MySQL. In that case complain to someone else because I'm getting really sick of it. He's been at Yahoo ever since then, helping to put MySQL and other Open Source technologies to use in fun, interesting, and often very big ways. Starting with the popular and high-traffic Yahoo!

Finance site, he worked to make MySQL part of the site's core infrastructure in large batch operations as well as real-time feed processing and serving content directly on the site.

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In , he began writing for Linux Magazine and continues to do so today as a columnist and contributing editor. How hard could it be, really? You can still find him answering questions on the list today.

Jeremy Zawodny's blog: January Archives

In more recent times, he's rediscovered his love of aviation, earning a Private Pilot Glider license in early Since then he's spent far too much of his free time flying gliders out of Hollister, California and Truckee, near Lake Tahoe. He hopes to earn his Commercial Pilot license in and go on to become a certified flight instructor someday. Occasional MySQL consulting also helps to pay for his flying addiction.

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  3. January 28, 2004.
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  5. Are there other things I should say or highlight? Does that, from the book marketing person's point of view, provide sufficient evidence that I'm qualified to write this book? What would you change? Oh, wait. This is not a geek personal ad. I forget that sometimes when I don't take the little pink pills. You know, it occurs to me that I could probably [re]use some of this material to update my outdated bio page too.

    Like most normal people, I was just having an interesting telephone conversation with a friend of mine at 2am about Google, Yahoo, Friendster, on-line marketplaces, approximate searches, and some secret stuff. Along the way I got to thinking about some of the fundamental similarities between Google those who mapped the relationships among web pages and put them to use and Friendster those trying to map human relationships and put them to use. It occurred to me that Friendster needs FriendRank.

    January 29, 2004

    Like Google's similarly named dead technology, PageRank, think of FriendRank as a way of providing a measure of influence among "friend nodes" in a social network. Imagine, for example, that Howard Dean wants to convince me to vote for him. He can either advertise in the hopes of reaching me, or he can be a savvy Internet sorta guy and try to use my social network thru the Internet, of course to do the job.

    At first you might think okay, that's easy. You just need to find the shortest path thru the network from Howard Dean to me. Then you'd figure out who along the way he needs to contact to try to get to me. Well, maybe.

    Social networks aren't that simple. They don't always use the shortest path--at least not in the "six degrees of Kevin Bacon" sense. Often times they use the most well lubricated path. Or the path that may result in reaching the greatest number of people who are "close" to me. Or those that have more influence with me in matters of politics, as opposed to something complete unrelated like cat grooming.

    Multimedia database research

    You get the idea. Like PageRank, it's a multi-dimensional measure that could prove to be quite powerful if applied properly. It's like a routing problem with different dimensions involved. FriendRank would quantify that stuff. It's the algorithm used to find paths of social influence in various contexts, for various purposes, and in varying networks. Or maybe it's the value that algorithm produces for a given set of inputs. Either way, it's the idea that counts, right? Then comes the implementation. Now, if you go search for references to FriendRank , you'll see a few. So this term and idea?

    But some of the real possibilities just clicked for me about 10 minutes ago, and believe me, this example is the tip of the iceberg.

    Sunday, April 24, 2005

    Some of the discussion here is really, really missing the point. So try not to get sucked into that void. On a semi-related note, it's too bad there's no Friendster web service API I can use to get the data needed to prototype this, huh? That could be a lot of fun. Gets Archives Shortcode

    Or really frustrating, as most hard problems are On the other hand, Friendster is not a necessary component in the equation. Or Tribe. It's just damned convenient since it's big and centralized.

    How to view friend's private comments

    If I could get access to enough IM buddy lists, blogrolls, and so on, it'd be doable but much, much harder. With all the "top 10 foo of " lists floating about, I'm becoming more and more aware how mainstream I'm not. It all started with reading the Top Searches from Yahoo! I couldn't tell you what sport Kobe Bryant plays and don't care either, thanks. Last night I even discovered that Paris Hilton and the famed video has nothing to do with a hotel in Paris! And in looking at the top albums list , I realized that not only do I not own a single one of the albums, I haven't even heard them, and I don't even know who most of the artists are.

    That's not to say I don't still accumulate music. It's just not what the majority is listening to.