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I can see why Mike Zito signed this group, they abandon all pretense when they play and just go straight for the primal reaction. Very cool for the ones who like their blues mixed with hard rock. One broken heart can equal at least a dozen good songs. I could see this one getting some airplay. The follow up with the title track, Lost And Found. It has a good kick and is fairly straight ahead in its pop-rock-blues delivery.

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A good choice to follow the previous song as the two together form a mental story. After that is Moth To A Flame , a quick tune that when taken with the previous couple complete the picture. Could have been worse, it might have been flypaper…. Hard Rain is a unique sounding song for the album. There is a concept that is as old as literature; nature reflects the moods of man, so a hard rain is crushing to most.

Very good song. They save the pyro until about the halfway mark which makes it stand out even more. John Clem Locations Scottsdale, Arizona, Jennifer L Cordero.

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Cecilia C Edwards. Timothy Clem Locations Phoenix, Arizona, Timothy Clem Locations Mesa, Arizona, Bill James Clem. Paul Frank Petr. Christian H Weber. Elisabeth M Clem.

Cheryl Lee Clem. Rachel L Clem. Gregory R Clem. John Jacob Clem. Jonathan Clem. Andrew Joseph Clem. David Gordon Clem. Gordon Franklin Clem. John William Clem. Warren George Campbell. Daniel L Clem. David Patrick Clem. Robert Andrew Brewer. Sandra A Clem. Richard J Velez. Dorothy A Hayes. Dawn Theresa Clem.

Donald Charles Clem.

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Jennifer D Clem. Brian C Smith. Carol Ann Smith. Dana M M Smith. David J Smith. Clem Smith Locations Cresco, Iowa, Clem J Smith. Marilyn Gayle Clem. Sandra K Clem. Patrick Hostetter Clem. Melanie D Johnston. John Allen Clem. Victoria A Clem. Charles D Moore.

Kelvin A Moore. Jerry Eugene Clark. Terry Ray Clark. Marsha Lois Grams. Gregory J Bright. Shannon R Bennett. Charles D Clem. Diane Marie Clem. Robert Floyd Clem. Amanda S Friel.


Dorothy Louise Moore. Julie A Moore. Rodney E Moore. Meredith L Smith. Paul Milton Clem.

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James R Clem. Joseph W Clem. Katherine J Clem.

Kimberly D Clem. Brenda Lynn Clem. David Alan Clem. David Wesley Clem. Clem W Caster. Roland C Clem. Darrell L Lewis.

Time For The Blues Playlist 2007

Jeremy J Lewis. Patricia A Lewis. Carrie L Rogers. Linda L Bayliss. Andrew J Clem. Charles A Clem. Johnie L Clem. Shawna Louise Clem.

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Carolyn R Clem. Charlene Y Clem. Amanda Arthur Clem.