Lima ohio shooting mother during arrest

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He fired blindly in the direction of the bedroom where Wilson and her children hid, killing her instantly and injuring the baby in her arms. Her son later had his finger amputated. The next day, about people participated in a march protesting the shooting, with several smaller marches in the following weeks.

The population of Lima, a small city surrounded by the agricultural region of northwest Ohio, is about twenty-five percent black. However, in only two officers on the police force of seventy-seven were African American, and black residents testified that they had suffered years of abuse from white policemen.

Officers cheer police shooting verdict in Lima -

In August , an all-white jury acquitted Joseph Chavalia of criminal charges. He returned to the force but was not permitted to go on patrol. Christopher Maag, Christopher. Of course, all other names involved were disclosed, together with as much negative information as possible to make sure that no one feels too badly for the dead woman.

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There are police procedures designed to execute search warrants and arrest alleged criminals without giving rise to situations likely to result in the use of force. For example, most warrants are executed in the early morning hours, like 5 to 6 AM, when the occupants of a home are asleep. Through the swift entry and execution of the warrant on the unsuspecting suspect, the occupants are caught unaware and unprepared to react. On the other hand, in the evening is prime time for trouble.

Police can also surveil a residence and await the suspect approaching or leaving the house. They nab him outdoors so that resistance to the arrest, if any, happens away from the mother and children.

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They simultaneously execute the warrant without the threat of potential violence. Apparently, this too is not a sufficiently special tactic in Lima.

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They will do their best to make sure that everyone is aware that they brought this on themselves by engaging in drug dealing, using the time-honored ploy of smearing the victim to deflect attention from the fact that they killed someone needlessly. The problem is that when you dress a bunch of cops in black and give them special weapons, they tend to want to use them. Windy asks why, given the panoply of available supposedly non-lethal weapons, did the cops come in with guns ablazing. The best guess would be because this was a SWAT team entering the house of a suspected drug dealer.

In Lima, Ohio, this is about as good an opportunity to take out those automatic weapons as the cops are going to get.

Dayton police release video of mass shooting

As here, where the execution of the warrant reflects plain, old, ordinary poor police tactics, we see the outcome of poor training and management. That is eventually happens is the problem. Will the administration of the Lima police department, the people responsible for this SWAT team, recognize what went wrong here?

One dead, three wounded in Lima shooting

Not likely. The officer who pulled the trigger will be the scapegoat, as will the officer who shoots first the next time it happens. And it will happen again, whether in Lima or where you live. This link though gives you pretty much everything you need to know. I should note that the cop shot her not once but twice.

Either he shot her in the back or shot her through her child while the child was in her arms.

Officers cheer police shooting verdict in Lima

The child was airlifted, she was left for dead. I should also note that the police and Ms. Also, what is a town of doing with its own 12 person SWAT team? Drug forfeiture laws mean they could afford one and having bought one it must be used. Within a week, Tarika Wilson will be identified as a coconspirator in the drug trade, an addict AND an unfit mother. Child abuse allegations will, at the very least, be hinted at. Since, being dead, Tarika will not deny the allegations, the public will, by and large, accept the allegations and innuendo as fact.

Gentlemen, place your bets. Even a small police force can get federal money for fighting drugs or terrorists, along with some really cool military equipment. Once they have the team together, they can start raiding drug dealers and confiscating their property to raise more money for their department. All of this federal involvement creates a force that is disconnected from the community they supposedly serve and at the same time dependent on regular drug raids for the cash flow that pays for their jobs.

I would expect the SWAT team to have a little seniority and not have to work the lobster shift. Which reminds me: Ron Paul proposes using letters of marque and reprisal to deal with terrorists. He sets up mutual support deals with other counties and then conducts operations in their areas without telling them, using the seized assets to grow his task force.

Allowing the police to benefit from the assets they seize effectively turns them into thieves with badges. That strikes me as enormously problematic. A sheriff is only a sheriff within his jurisdiction. He has no authority to go outside his jurisdiction. He is not a law enforcement officer beyond the scope of the law. One of my personal favorites is that all monies seized by the New York City police department are deposited into the police pension fund.