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I like playing go fish and war. Those are my favorite card games. My family and I always play them together so, it's always fun. One of my favorite card games is slapjack. I play it with my friends every indoor recess. We play it with 3 decks. I'm winning so far. And whenever sombody puts a joker down you have to say bobis, and jokers don't count when you're placing 1,2,3, or 4 cards down for a jack, queen, king, or ace. In my spare time I play solitare. That is my 2nd favorite card game. I can't express to you how much I love playing cards. Welcome to Wonderopolis, Danny!

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We are so glad you're here today! Card games of all kinds are awesome, we're happy to hear you're a big fan of cards! It sounds like you and your Wonder Friends at school have a great time playing slapjack! We Wonder if you are thinking of inventing your very own card game? This wonder was really cool! I love to play cards! It's so cool that not all cards are the same around the world!!!!! Thanks for visiting us today, Anna! We Wonder if you have a favorite card game that you like to play?

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We Wonder if you have ever played with a different deck of cards before? We think that would be pretty cool-- but we'd need to learn the rules to the game! Thanks so much, Wonder Friend Monnie!

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Dear wonderopolis, Today's wonder was hilarious I think tomorrow's wonder will be about -wolves -cricket mouse your wonder friend, cailyn. Hi there, Wonder Friend Cailyn! We're glad you liked our cards Wonder-- it's fun to laugh and use your imagination! I like to play Garbage. I enjoyed the video and I thought it was very funny. I wonder if YOU like to play cards? Im pretty sure she is right i love playing them to can u please email me and give me information about this website because I'm new whoever made this website please contact me at my email.


Hi, Diamond! If you want to subscribe to get the Wonders of the Day emailed to you, you can do that from our home page scroll all the way to the bottom. We bet it's lots of fun to play cards with your friends and family-- it's a good way to get together and spend time with one another! We really enjoy playing Go Fish with friends, or Solitaire if we are alone. It's exciting to think about the next Wonder Very fun, Wonder Friend Cool!

We're glad you enjoyed our card Wonder-- Crazy Eights is lots of fun to play! Thanks for visiting us! Dear Wonderopolis, I love to play cards!!! One of my favorite card games are Uno and Crazy 8s. I think tomorrow's wonder will be about wolves or warewolves. Sweet, Alexis, we are glad you liked today's Wonder! We think Uno and Crazy Eights are very fun card games!

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We hope you can play one of them soon, but in the meantime, we hope to see you tomorrow! I once played a few card games, and those games are go fish, slap jack, memory, and one you don't know, it's called "kimps".

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I'll tell you how to play this game, 1 you need 4 players, pick 1 partner and let the other one pick a partner, now you got a team, 2 make a sign using your face, hands, or cards but don't kick under the table, 3 you need to give each player 4 cards and make a deck with the leftovers, 5 when your ready and the other team too, place 4 cards face-up in the middle. When someone says GO, you quickly pick up a card you need and put down a card you don't need and when no one picks up any more cards, someone calls TRASH and moves the cards out of the way, then you put the cards in the middle again, 6 if you have the same number in each card you have, or ace, queens, kings, and jacks, do your team's sign, make sure your teammate sees your sign then he calls kimps and you win.

Also you and your partner have to sit diagonally, so does the other team, and if you see the other team person doing a sign, you can say STOP immediately then you win again, there is also fake signs, when you don't have the same cards you can do the fake sign and if the other team says STOP you still win, but be careful, you can be tricked too you know, to make the game harder, the last card in the bottom is the card you can't get, and that's how you play kimps, it's an expert kind of game.

We think that playing card games with you would be an absolute fun time! We hope you enjoyed today's Wonder and we are so glad we learned something new from YOU! What a great game, Matthew! We bet you have a fun time playing cards with your friends and family! It is so fun! My favorite one is Slap Jack!

We think it's a fun way to play with friends and have fun! Hey, Wonder Friends!

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Where were playing cards invented? Tags: See All Tags ace , American , cards , china , club , deck , diamond , entertainment , euchre , europe , France , games , Germany , heart , invention , Islam , Italy , jack , Jass , joker , king , Middle East , one-eyed jack , playing , queen , Revolutionary War , royalty , Skat , spade , suit , Switzerland , Tarot , toys. Wonder What's Next? Try It Out Ready to play some cards? Ask a friend or family member to play the game with you.

Can't find a deck of cards? That's okay! Explain how to play War to your friend or family member. Make up your own card game! Write a set of rules and directions. How does a person win your card game?